About Us

Our world-class program is firmly rooted in barre, a discipline that incorporates principles from Pilates, yoga, dance, and strength and interval training. At The Barre Project, we've combined these in a totally new way that is wickedly effective.

Our technique is best-in-class.

Our program development team comes from leading barre brands in the United States, but has iterated and improved upon the technique to develop something all ours with a single-minded focus on achieving results.

Innovation is our mantra.

We are continuously changing our choreography so you'll never take the same class twice. This also means it is impossible for you to plateau.

Our technique is all ours.

Only teachers hired by The Barre Project studios are authorised to teach our technique; we do not license our technique and training programs as many of our competitors do. In other words, the only place you can take a TBP class is in one of our studios.

In-studio experience like no other.

Classes are set to LED lighting to set the mood/tone and help you get in the zone. Fresh playlists enhance choreography and keep you pushing harder. Simply put, The Barre Project is an experience that makes working out fun.

Michelle Kluz is the former CEO of Pure Barre, North America’s largest barre studio chain with over 450 studios. Although Michelle hails from New York City, she has strong ties to the ANZ market as the former Global CEO of diva. Her long history in Australia also includes leading retail projects for The Boston Consulting Group. In early 2017, Michelle returned to Australia to explore various business ventures. Not finding a barre program at the level she was used to for her cross training regimen (she is an avid competitive runner who recently completed her first Boston Marathon and credits barre with keeping her injury free), she began the development of The Barre Project with the goal of bringing the latest developments in fitness and barre to the Australian market.

Michelle is thrilled to be opening the brand’s first two studios in Sydney’s CBD and to be helping participants become stronger and healthier in both body and mind.